Becoming a successful angler

It is often said that 10 per cent of all anglers catch 90 per cent of the fish. It can be somewhat disheartening if your first few fishing trips are not as successful as you would like them to be, or if you  find yourself in that common situation where an angler next to you is catching fish after fish while you aren’t even getting a bite. However the following list of tips should help you move from being a  complete beginner to an angler that regularly catches fish.


This is a very important aspect of being a good fisherman. Don’t expect things to happen too quickly. Try to maintain your interest and concentration and eventually you will be successful. If  you are fishing with bait, try not to check your line too often. Remember this! The more time that you have a baited line in the water, the more likely you are to catch a fish.


This means that you need to keep on trying and don’t give up hope. If you don’t catch a fish during a trip it doesn’t matter. At least you have had a chance to practise and improve your fishing skills,  and maybe you can think about what you can do differently on your next trip to improve your chances. Remember, even the best anglers don’t always catch fish.



If things are not working in your favour try to do something differently. Change to a different type of bait. Change to a different size hook or a different rig. Cast or move to a different spot.



Try to learn as much as you can about the type of fish that you are trying to catch. What is the best bait to use? What is the best rig to use? What is the best fishing method to use? What is the best  time to catch fish? If you are fishing an estuary or in the sea, is the tide important? The answers to these and other questions can be gained by talking to experienced anglers. Most adult anglers that  you meet when you are fishing will happily give you advice. Other ways of getting information is to read books and magazines on fishing, and watch TV shows and listen to radio programs about fishing.


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