Casting Correctly

Seven steps for casting:
1. Hold your rod at waist level and parallel to the ground, and let out or wind in your line until you have about 30-40 cm of line out from the rod tip.

2. Hold the rod in your casting hand with two
fingers either side of the reel foot.
3. Bring the line roller around into a position
directly under the rod.
4. Next hold the line against the rod with
your index finger, slightly down from the
5. Keep holding the line and open the bail
arm with your free hand.
6. Look behind you to make sure that the
area is clear and bring the rod back to a
2 o’clock position. Make sure the line isn’t
tangled around the rod tip.
7. Looking forward at the area that you wish
to cast to, bring the rod forward in a smooth
movement, releasing the line from your
index finger at a 10 o’clock position.

Casting safely

When casting a fishing rod give yourself plenty of space from anyone around you.

  • Always check behind you when you make your back cast to prevent snagging people, trees, jetty railings etc.
  • Look around, be aware of other people near you, and always be careful when casting.

Snagged lines

Snags occur when hooks or lures get caught on underwater structures. This creates a situation where the line needs to be freed safely, and without damaging the rod.

  • First try jerking the rod quickly a few times in a row. Quite often this will be sufficient
    to free the snagged line.
  • If this doesn’t work, lay the rod down on the ground and wrap the line around a stick or your arm if you are wearing a jumper, and slowly walk backwards with your face turned away, until the line breaks.
  • Never pull back on the rod with force, as you can break the rod, or worse still, the freed line and sinker can come flying out of the water at high speed, due to the stretch in the line. The sinker (or hook) can cause serious injury if it strikes you.
  • Never pull on the line with your bare hand, as this will cause the line to cut into your skin.

Walking with a fishing rod

  • Hold the rod by the grip above the reel, and at your side with the rod pointing slightly upwards, when walking around in open spaces.
  • Make sure that your hook is secured by keeping it in a ‘hooksafe’, or by attaching it to a runner or hook-keeper on the rod. This will prevent you from having loose line or a dangling hook, which may catch on objects while you are walking.
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