Citizen Science

By just going fishing you can be a ‘citizen scientist’ by collecting valuable data, reporting observations and donating biological samples. Here are the current projects inviting the community to get involved. If you would like to add more to the list please contact us.

Redmap Australia

Redmap Australia is collecting data on how marine species are responding to warmer oceans.  If you catch or see a marine species that is unusual for that part of the coast, take photo and log the report with Redmap Australia on their website or their phone app. Your report is then verified by one of Redmap’s marine scientists and then appears on the website. In Victoria, there are some species of interest:

King George Whiting tagging

A recreational angler based tagging program to understand the movements of Victorian King George Whiting to their spawning areas is underway by the University of Melbourne. Its funded by the Victorian Recreational Fishing Licence Grant Scheme and you can find more information here:

If you would like to get involved in the tagging or you have caught a tagged fish this can be communicated through their dedicated project email address:

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