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Fish Species Information

We think it’s important for fishers to understand their target species biology and sustainability threats to ensure we can work together to conserve our fish stocks for future generations.

When you go fishing its important you can correctly identify catch so that you can check the appropriate fisheries rules and regulations. If you don’t know what you have caught its always best to take a photo, successfully release the fish and identify later.

Below are some of Victoria’s favourite and most popular recreational fishing species with links to discover more great information:


Atlantic salmon

Australian bass

Australia salmon

Black bream

Blue groper

Brown trout

Elephant fish

Estuary perch

European carp



Golden perch

Gummy shark

King George whiting

Macquarie perch


Murray cod

Rainbow trout

Redfin perch

River blackfish

Silver perch

Silver trevally


Southern Calamari

Trout cod

Yelloweye mullet

Yellowtail kingfish

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