Knot Tying


The overall success of any fishing experience will eventually be determined by the strength of a knot. A securely tied knot is often the difference between catching a fish or losing it. There are many different types of knots, however you can get by in most fishing situations by knowing the following few knots. Practise them until you can tie them without referring to the instructions!

Locked Half Blood Knot

A simple yet strong knot that can be used to tie all connections to hooks, swivels etc.

1. Pass the line through the eye of the
hook and wind the tag end of the line
around the main line four or five times
or more.
2. Next pass the tag end through the
loop that has formed at the hook.
3. Now bring the tag end up and pass it
through the large loop that has been
4. Tighten the knot by pulling slowly
and firmly on the main line.

Clinch Knot

This is another very useful knot that is perhaps stronger than the first. Again most connections can be made using this knot.

1. Pass the line through the eye of the
hook twice so that a loop is formed.
2. Holding the loop in one hand wrap
the tag end of the line around the
main line four or five times.
3. Now pass the end of the tag through
the double loop that has formed at
the hook.
 4. Tighten the knot by pulling on
both the mainline and the tag at
the same time.

Figure of Eight (Dropper Loop)

This knot can be used to make a loop in the mainline above a sinker. Using the same knot, a loop can then be made at the end of a short leader and attached to the loop in the mainline.

1. Bend the line to form a loop at the
place where you intend the loop to be.
2. Working with the double line bend
the loop back and pass it under, and
then over the double line.
3. Bring the end of the loop down and
pass it through the bottom section of
the “eight”.
4. Close the knot tight and trim off any
excess line.
5. You can now make a short trace
with a loop at one end and a tied
hook at the other end. To connect
the trace pass the hook through the
loop on the mainline and then through
the loop on the trace. Tighten it and
you have a dropper.

Double Blood Knot (for joining lines)

This knot is used to join two similar lines together. It is often used when the line on your reel is low and you need to add extra line on.

1. Cross one line over the other.2. Wrap the two lines over each other
nine times.
3. Next pass the ends of the two lines
through the middle twist, making sure
that the two lines are passed through
in opposite directions.
4. Tighten the knot slowly by pulling on
the two lines. When the knot is formed
trim off the excess ends.

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