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Creating Sustainable Anglers 2016 – 2019

Project Cost: $120,000

Project Description: Fishcare’s “Creating Sustainable

Students learning about fishing rules and regulations

Anglers” Project builds on the momentum created by Fishcare’s growth over the past 3 years to reach further throughout the community than ever before. Fishcare will refine and build it’s Victorian Schools Program using “Creating Sustainable Anglers” funds to include an array of classroom and event activities that build respect for the environment and our waterways, build fishing knowledge, increase awareness of Fisheries rules and regulations and build interest in taking up recreational fishing as a sport or hobby.



Activities in “Creating Sustainable Anglers” programs include:

  • Rules and Regulations – Fish Identification, understanding and demonstrating relevantrules and regulations, as well as learning to investigate and determine rules and regulations for a variety of recreational fishing circumstances.
  • Pest Species – Identification and best practice actions of various aquatic pest species such as European Carp, Northern Pacific Sea Stars, European Green Shore Crab etc.
  • Fish Anatomy – A basic puzzle based activity looking at Fish Anatomy to draw connections for participants between form and function of various body parts of fish, building an understanding of the roles/niches various species fill in different ecosystems as well as enabling participants to learn how to “target” various angling species.
  • Fish Handling – Highlighting through demonstrations the importance of fish handling to ensure safety for the fish and the angler. Using props to demonstrate and assess participants in landing methods, hook removal and release techniques.
  • Sustainable Fishing Activity – Using simple props in the classroom, participants will take part in fishing “seasons” to build an understanding of stock depletion and replenishment times for some of our key recreational and commercial species. Once participants have identified the issues with unregulated fishing they will take part in designing their own fishing regulations and using our simple props will model their regulations to assess their effectiveness.
  • Plug Casting Lanes – mastering a variety of casting techniques for all situations, participants target timber “fish” with casting plugs to build confidence in their technique and accuracy prior to getting onto the water.
  • Knot Tying Stations – Various levels for different age groups with a variety of knots that incorporate modern fishing techniques such as soft plastics and braid lines. Production of a “Fishcare Knot Tying for Beginners” pamphlet.


A Junior Fishcarer excited about his catch


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