20 Great Fishing Locations in Victoria

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20 Great Fishing Locations in Victoria

Perfect for January Fishing!

Victoria offers a plethora of fishing spots, each with its unique array of species. Here’s a guide to the best locations for fishing in January and the species you’re likely to catch:

  1. The Murray River: Famous for Murray cod. In its tributaries, you can also find trout​​.
  2. Lake Hume: Abundant with Murray cod, Redfin, and perch. It’s a great spot for bait fishing​​.
  3. Lake Mulawa: Known for Murray cod and golden perch, especially in summer​​.
  4. Blue Rock Lake: Offers large brown trout and Redfin. It’s a preferred spot for tourists due to its proximity to Willow Grove​​.
  5. Avon River: Near Stratford, it’s known for Redfin, bass, grayling, and eel​​.
  6. Inverloch: A seaside location in southern Gippsland, offering Australian salmon, trevally, and mullet​​.
  7. Goulburn River: Renowned for its trout, with easy bank fishing​​.
  8. Lake Eildon: Close to Melbourne, it’s rich in rainbow trout, brown trout, perch, and Murray cod​​.
  9. Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm: Located in Harrietville, offering good chances for novice fishers​​.
  10. The Wimmera River: In Horsham, with opportunities to catch and keep catfish over 30 cm​​.
  11. Lake Bellfield: Next to the Grampians, it offers stunning scenery and abundant trout and Redfin​​.
  12. Toolondo Reservoir: Known for trophy-size browns and rainbows, ideal for seasoned anglers​​.
  13. Lake Eppalock: Near Bendigo, it has trout, perch, redfin, and Murray cod​​.
  14. Cairn Curran Reservoir: A source of golden perch, carp, and eel, with areas for picnics and barbeques​​.
  15. Lake Wendouree: Near Ballarat, famous for fly-fishing due to its high population of brown trout​​.
  16. Werribee River: Inside Werribee Park, known for Redfin, blackfish, and trout​​.
  17. Apollo Bay: Along the coast, offering salmon, trevally, mullet, and barracuda​​.
  18. Narrawong Beach: Ideal for beach fishing, with salmon and gummy shark​​.
  19. Port Phillip Bay: In the Mornington Peninsula, famous for its snapper, especially during the Crimson Tide event​​.
  20. Phillip Island: Known for salmon and squid, offering a variety of fishing spots​​.

Each location in Victoria offers a distinct fishing experience, with a variety of species to target. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice, these spots offer something for everyone in the beautiful backdrop of Victoria’s diverse landscapes.