Bait Types

Freshwater Baits

Scrubworms, Earthworms Mudeyes

Use For: Trout, Redfin, Golden Perch Use For: Trout
Hooks. Size 2 – 6 Baitholders Hooks: Size 8 – 10 small fine hooks
Method: Use live and whole. Best fished Method: Use live. Hook through the wings.
on the bottom. Fish under a bubble float.

Yabbies Maggots

Use For: Redfin, Golden Perch, Murray Cod Use For: Trout, Mullet, Bream, Carp
Hooks. Size 4 – 2/0 Wide gap hooks Hooks: Size 8 – 14 small fine hooks
Method: Use live, hook through the tail, Method: Use live. Hook one or more through
and fish on the bottom. the tail, and fish under a float, or on the bottom.

Minnows Shrimps

Use For: Trout, Redfin Use For: Trout, Redfin, Bream
Hooks. Size 6 – 10 small short hooks Hooks: Size 4 – 8 small fine hooks
Method: Use live and whole. Fish under a Method: Thread one or more onto the hook.
float or on the bottom. Bottom or float fishing.
Bait Bucket – Freshwater Fishing

Other baits

Corn kernels (from a can), bread and bread crusts, and various mixtures of raw dough with added ingredients to provide smell and flavour, can all be used to catch fish such as carp, roach, and tench.

Saltwater Baits

Pilchards Whitebait

Use For: Snapper, Flathead, Salmon Use For: Snapper, Flathead, Salmon
Hooks. Size 1/0 – 4/0 Hooks: Size 2 – 2/0
Method: Can be used as a whole bait, cut in Method: Can be used whole or cut into pieces.
half, or in pieces.

Pipi Mussel

Use For: Whiting, Mullet, Salmon Use For: Whiting, Flathead, Bream
Hooks: Size 2 – 8 Long shank Hooks: Size 8 – 1/0 Long shank
Method: Use whole and thread onto the hook Method: Use whole and thread onto the hook.
Cut into very small pieces for garfish.

Bass Yabbies Sandworms

Use For: Bream, Flathead Use For: Bream, Mullet, Whiting
Hooks: Size 4 – 6 Baitholders Hooks: Size 6 – 10 Baitholders
Method: Use live and hook through Method: Thread onto the hook lengthways.
the tail and body.

Other baits

Several other baits can be used in saltwater. Dough mixtures and small pieces of raw chicken fillet can be used to catch mullet, garfish, trevally and other fish in estuaries and marine waters.

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