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Fishcare Victoria is a community based not-for-profit organisation promoting responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

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Come and Try Fishing This Summer

VICTORIA’S SUMMER OF FISHING HAS ARRIVED WITH FISHCARE VICTORIA LAUNCHING ITS BIGGEST PROGRAM OF FAMILY FISHING WORKSHOPS OVER THE SUMMER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. Thirty two free fishing workshops are scheduled across Victoria designed for kids and families to have a fun...
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Rare and Illegal Shark Catch

THE ILLEGAL CAPTURE OF THE ENDANGERED GREY NURSE SHARK AT CORNERS INLET Grey nurse sharks are very uncommon in Victorian waters and are a protected species. It’s extremely disappointing to hear that an individual was illegally caught at Corners Inlet. There has...
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Successful Translocation of River Blackfish

A HELPING HAND HAS BEEN GIVEN TO RIVER BLACKFISH TO HELP THEM COLONISE A NEWLY REHABILITATED SECTION OF THE TARWIN RIVER. River blackfish are being given a helping hand in the Tarwin River to overcome the fish’s problematic biological adaptation. While some...
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How does Fishcare Victoria support responsible and sustainable fishing practices?

We Educate. We Promote. We Volunteer!

We Educate

We conduct sustainable fishing education workshops with the local schools and community.

We Promote

We promote sustainable fishing practices to help create the next generation of anglers.

We Volunteer

We are a volunteer based not-for-profit promoting greater stewardship of aquatic resources.

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