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Fishcare Victoria is a community based not-for-profit organisation promoting responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

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Geelong Bellarine Update

With 2020 being a slow year for us, we were thankful to end on a high conducting several educational clinics with school groups along the Bellarine Peninsula in partnership with the Bellarine Catchment Network and the Victorian Fishing Authority. These were great...
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Annual Spider Crab Migration in Port Phillip Bay

By James Gardiner Every winter, Southern Port Phillip bay is the site of one of nature’s amazing phenomenon’s where spider crabs migrate for their winter moult. The crustaceans congregate in their thousands, covering the sandy seabeds of Southern Port Phillip bay...
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Bubbles not Balloons

“When balloons fly, seabirds die” a startling new message being delivered by Zoo’s Victoria to raise awareness about their new campaign “Bubbles not Balloons”. Scientists have discovered that more than 80% of seabird chicks on Lord Howe Island have ingested balloons...
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Snap, Send, Solve

Exotic pests in our bays and waterways can adversely affect aquatic habitats, food chains, the ecosystems, and our enjoyment of the marine environment. In addition to the Northern Pacific Sea Star, European Fan Worm, Asian date mussel, European Green shore crab,...
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Nominations are OPEN!

Responsible Anglers Academy Fishcare Victoria Recreational Fishing License Trust funded program ‘The Responsible Anglers Academy” is now looking for applicant nominations to take part in this fantastic program. The Recreational Anglers Academy (RAA)...
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Online Zoom Workshops

During the COVID pandemic, we have been delivering our educational workshops via zoom. This is a great opportunity to brush up your knowledge about our aquatic systems and work on your recreational fishing skills to prepare for when we can actively get back out...
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Great Southern Reef

The system of interconnected temperature rocky reefs on Australia’s southern coast is a biodiversity hot spot. Spanning more than 8,000 km and covering an area of 71,000 square kilometers marine scientists say it is the temperate equivalent of the Great Barrier Reef...
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Marine Litter

Plastic pollution has become a serious global environmental concern with the United Nations estimating there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by 2050 (UN News, 2017). In particular, it is the single-use plastic items (straws, plastic bottles and plastic...
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How does Fishcare Victoria support responsible and sustainable fishing practices?

We Educate. We Promote. We Volunteer!

We Educate

We conduct sustainable fishing education workshops with the local schools and community.

We Promote

We promote sustainable fishing practices to help create the next generation of anglers.

We Volunteer

We are a volunteer based not-for-profit promoting greater stewardship of aquatic resources.

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