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Welcome to Fishcare Victoria’s Sponsorship Opportunities page! At Fishcare Victoria, we are passionate about promoting responsible fishing practices and enhancing recreational fishing experiences across the state. As a registered charity, we are dedicated to fostering a sustainable fishing culture and protecting our precious aquatic environments. Each year, our dedicated team reaches over 7,000 individuals through hands-on clinics and educational workshops.

We invite you to partner with us in our mission to create a thriving aquatic environment and a community of responsible anglers. By becoming a sponsor, your organization will gain valuable exposure, engage with the community, and contribute to the well-being of thousands of Victorians. Plus, all donations are tax-deductible, offering you financial benefits while supporting a great cause. Explore the diverse sponsorship opportunities available and discover how you can make a lasting impact with Fishcare Victoria. Together, we can ensure the joy of fishing for future generations.

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Benefits to Sponsors

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Community Engagement

Enhance your corporate social responsibility by supporting environmental conservation, mental heath and well being  and community education.


Connect with government bodies, other sponsors, and community leaders through our events and programs.

Brand Exposure

Reach thousands of recreational anglers and community members across Victoria through our events, programs, and media channels.

Our Reach and Impact

Fishcare Victoria is dedicated to fostering responsible fishing practices and enhancing the fishing experience across the state. Each year, we engage over 7,500 participants through 380  fishing clinics and workshops, supported by a dedicated team of  volunteers who contribute over 1,736 hours annually. Our strong presence on social media and collaborations with key stakeholders, such as the Victorian Fisheries Authority, amplify our impact, promoting sustainable fishing and conservation efforts. Join us in making a difference and supporting the future of fishing in Victoria.

Event delivery per year

Participant Engagement per year

Volunteer Hours per year

Mental Health Benefits of Recreational Fishing

Recreational fishing has been shown to offer numerous mental health benefits, including reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and providing a sense of achievement. Being outdoors and engaging in a peaceful activity like fishing can improve mood, increase mindfulness, and enhance overall well-being. By supporting Fishcare Victoria, sponsors can contribute to the mental health and well-being of thousands of individuals across Victoria.

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Organisational Sponsorship

Join Fishcare Victoria as an Event Sponsor and make a significant impact on our fishing clinics and community events. Our Event Sponsorship packages offer a unique opportunity to showcase your brand while supporting responsible fishing practices and environmental conservation. As an Event Sponsor, your organization will benefit from:

murray cod Sponsor


per year

  • Exclusive branding at all fishing clinics.
  • Prominent logo placement on all promotional materials, banners, and uniforms.
  • Mentions in all press releases, newsletters, and social media posts.
  • Opportunity to provide branded giveaways at events.
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dusk flathead sponsor


per month

  • Logo on promotional materials and banners.
  • Mentions in social media posts and newsletters.
  • 1 x Exclusive Event with branding
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Venue Specific Sponsorship

Maximize your local impact with our Venue-Specific Sponsorship opportunity! By sponsoring events at a particular venue near your store, you gain exclusive branding and promotion directly to our engaged participants. This includes logo placement on all promotional materials for events at that venue, mentions in social media posts, and the opportunity to set up a promotional booth. Encourage participants to visit your store for their fishing equipment and tackle needs, fostering brand loyalty and community engagement. Partner with Fishcare Victoria to support sustainable fishing and boost your local presence.

local supplier sponsor


per year/venue

  • Your logo prominently displayed at all events held at the specific venue.
  • Direct promotion of your store to event participants, encouraging them to visit your store for their fishing equipment and tackle needs.
  • Distribution of branded materials and giveaways to participants, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Enhanced corporate social responsibility by supporting local community events and educational programs.
  • Mentions in press releases and newsletters related to events at the specific venue.
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Start your Sponsorship Journey

We are excited to explore partnership opportunities with organizations that share our commitment to promoting responsible fishing and conserving Victoria’s aquatic environments. If you are interested in learning more about our sponsorship packages or discussing a tailored sponsorship plan, we invite you to reach out to our Executive Officer.
Complete the contact form below to start a conversation with Sarah van Stokrom, our Executive Officer. By filling out this form, you’ll take the first step toward joining Fishcare Victoria in making a positive impact on our community and the environment.