We fish we care

Our Mission Statement

Shaping the sustainable future of recreational fishing in Victoria through education, hands-on experiences, communication and community participation.


Our Story

Fishcare has been operating in Victoria since 1995 and has since grown to cover 5 regions across the state. We are a community operated not-for-profit with the motto ‘We Fish, We Care’. Our work promotes responsible fishing practices and increased stewardship of Victoria’s aquatic environments and is funded through the Recreational Fishing Licence trust fund.
Fishcare is operated by enthusiastic volunteers with regional groups across Victoria, from Warrnambool in the west, to Ballarat and as far east as Mallacoota. Fishing is one of the most popular recreational pursuits in the country. Our aim is to promote responsible approaches to fishing and to share in the care and management of our precious aquatic environments.

We are a registered charity


Your Fishing License Fees at Work

Every year the Victorian Government, through the Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Account, disburses revenue derived from the sale of Recreational Fishing Licences to projects that will improve recreational fishing in Victoria. Since its inception in 2001, the Recreational Fishing Grants Program (RFGP) has funded over 600 projects, worth more than $21 million throughout Victoria. 


Our Regional Groups

Our Objectives


Encourage recreational fishers to adopt sustainable behaviours and attitudes that conserve and protect fish stocks and increase community stewardship


Inform the community about threats affecting the sustainability of Victorians fish stocks, integrity of fish habitats and aquatic ecosystem


Participate in activities that support sustainable recreational fishing practices and opportunities, improved environmental outcomes and collection of research data;


Promote sustainable recreational fishing as a socially beneficial and inclusive activity;


Collaborate with partner organisations that support Fishcare Victoria’s mission and objectives;


Operate as a not for profit organisation and to provide volunteering opportunities for its members; and


Maintain a public fund to be called Fishcare Victoria Public Fund for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objectives/purposes of Fishcare Victoria.

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The Fishcare Community

We work closely with the VIctorian Fisheries Authority and other organisations such as Department of Sustainability and Environment, Catchment Management Authorities, Landcare, Coastcare, local government, VR Fish and associated angling clubs, as well as many schools and disability support services.
Fishcare partners with local communities to conduct family-friendly educational experiences and activities. These are just some of the fun and educational activities Fishcare groups are involved in:

Learn-to-fish clinics and festivals
School holiday programs
Primary school programs
‘Catch-a-Carp’ events
Catch and release competitions
Community forums and workshops
Volunteer training and field trips
Work with other ‘care’ groups on local environmental projects

Our Staff Team


We have a small team of dedicated staff who work across the state to support our regional groups and coordinate operations. Our staff team work closely with our volunteers to deliver our current programs and with our Committee of Management to explore new funding and project opportunities and to continually improve our services and program delivery.

Sarah van Stokrom

Executive Officer

With a background in environmental science and a passion for conservation, Sarah has been pivotal in driving Fishcare Victoria’s initiatives towards educating anglers about sustainable fishing, habitat protection and species conservation. Before joining Fishcare Victoria, Sarah garnered extensive experience in natural resource management and community engagement. She worked with various non-profits and governmental organisations, where she developed programs focused on conservation and environmental education. Her work often involved collaborating with local communities, schools, government and agencies to foster a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting and enhancing biodiversity. Sarah’s commitment to the environment extends beyond her professional career. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast, often spending her free time camping and exploring Australia. Her personal connection to the natural world fuels her dedication to her work, making her a respected and effective leader in the field of envionrmental conservation. Sarah continues to be a vocal advocate for the health and wellbeing outcomes responsible recreational fishing can provide and is committed to shaping a future where fishing practices and conservation efforts go hand in hand.
0437 672 242

Jenny Allitt

East Gippsland Facilitator

Jenny has been with Fishcare for over eight years and enjoys assisting children and parents gain the required knowledge and skills needed to fish with a sustainable mindset learned through the Fishcare Program. Jenny brings extensive knowledge of native and pest aquatic species and is passionate about people taking ownership for the different aquatic environments in which we share. Jenny enjoys sharing her knowledge with everyone, especially with the Fishcare East Gippsland Volunteers in all aspects of training and support and understands the importance of community engagement to strengthen partnerships to undertake and deliver NRM projects. Jenny enjoys all saltwater and freshwater environments, whether fishing, diving, paddling or surfing and is always looking out for any human impacts that may be affecting these aquatic systems.
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Ian Whiteside

Port Phillip & Westernport  & FishAbility Facilitator

Ian is our Fishcare & Fishability Facilitator for Port Phillip & Westernport, and brings a wealth of fishing experience to the role, combined with a love of our aquatic waterways & the environment.
Ian loves a chat & is always happy to share a fishing tip or two, but he is particularly passionate about the care of our precious fishing resources & their natural habitat, and is keen to educate our kids to help secure our future fishing opportunities.
If he’s not running one of our popular fishing clinics, you’ll usually find him on the water somewhere!
0419 591 761

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