A Memorable Day on the Barwon River with Geelong Fishcare and Ian

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A Memorable Day on the Barwon River with Geelong Fishcare and Ian

This past Friday was a remarkable day that underscored the spirit of community and conservation that drives us at Geelong Fishcare. As we gathered on the banks of the serene Barwon River, it wasn’t just about the fish we caught but the invaluable connections we fostered.

The Catch of the Day
Our outing was successful in more ways than one. We managed to catch four large European Carp, two of which tipped the scales at well over 3 kilograms. While the European Carp is often seen as an invasive species, detrimental to local waterways, our catch symbolises a small victory in the ongoing effort to preserve the natural beauty and balance of the Barwon River ecosystem.

More Than Just Fishing
However, the true highlight of the day lay not in our catch but in the joy of collaboration and shared experiences. The laughter, fun, and smiles shared among volunteers, participants, and passersby were the real catch of the day. Our event even attracted the attention of an undercover VFA (Victorian Fisheries Authority) ‘bigwig,’ who couldn’t resist joining in on the action.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Roger, Greg, Terry, Michael, and especially our local hero Steve, who went above and beyond by arriving early to set up our spot. Their dedication and hard work set the stage for a day filled with meaningful interactions and community engagement.

Building Connections
Beyond the immediate joys of the day, we made numerous new contacts, laying the groundwork for the future expansion of our programs. Fishcare is committed to spreading its message and engaging more people in the vital work of fish conservation and responsible care for our waterways. The enthusiasm and interest shown by those we met on the Barwon River are encouraging signs of the growing community support for our cause.

Looking Forward
As we reflect on a day well-spent, we’re reminded of the importance of our mission and the impact of community involvement. The connections made, both with nature and among those who came to the riverbank, reinforce the positive ripple effect of Fishcare’s work. We’re excited to build on this momentum, extending our reach and inviting more individuals to experience the joy and satisfaction of contributing to environmental stewardship.

In the spirit of conservation and community, we look forward to more days like this, filled with fun, fishing, and fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world around us. Join us in our journey to make a difference.