Bubbles not Balloons

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Bubbles not Balloons

“When balloons fly, seabirds die” a startling new message being delivered by Zoo’s Victoria to raise awareness about their new campaign “Bubbles not Balloons”.

Scientists have discovered that more than 80% of seabird chicks on Lord Howe Island have ingested balloons and their attachments whilst fish and other marine life most probably will have ingested this harmful man-made latex too. The sea birds most impacted by this are shearwaters who ingest almost anything floating in the water.

What goes up must come down! When balloons eventually end up in the water, their tattered ends can resemble jellyfish or other sea life, consumed by marine animals such as sea turtles, fish and dolphins and seals.

Whilst these insights are alarming, it’s important to know that it’s not too late to make a positive change there are plenty of alternatives to balloons at your next party – like bubbles! Since the start of this change over 114,000 individuals and 180 organisations made a pledge to switch from balloons to bubbles at their future celebrations. So “Blow bubbles not balloons” to make your difference.