Fishcare East Gippsland Launches Educational Sessions on Aquatic Habitats at Wild Cherry Steiner School

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Fishcare East Gippsland Launches Educational Sessions on Aquatic Habitats at Wild Cherry Steiner School

As the chill of the colder months sets in, Fishcare East Gippsland has kicked off an enriching series of classroom sessions, including the “What Lives Under the Water – Gippsland Lakes” project. This initiative is designed to educate young students about the crucial roles of underwater habitats in the survival of native fish species and the importance of adhering to fishing rules and regulations to maintain healthy fish stocks.

Today marked a significant day of learning at the Wild Cherry Steiner School, where Fishcare East Gippsland conducted four comprehensive sessions. These workshops encompassed all grade levels from Kinder to Grade 6, engaging students with interactive presentations and discussions about the diverse aquatic life in the Gippsland Lakes.

The sessions aimed to instill a deep appreciation and understanding of the local marine environment. Students were introduced to the different types of habitats that support the region’s aquatic life, such as seagrasses, reefs, and muddy bottoms, and how these environments help sustain fish populations.

Moreover, the importance of fishing regulations was a key focus, teaching children how these rules help protect fish species and ensure that fishing can be enjoyed by future generations. The students’ enthusiastic participation and insightful questions highlighted the day’s success, reflecting their keen interest in conservation and responsible fishing practices.

Fishcare East Gippsland is committed to continuing these educational programs, fostering environmental stewardship among the next generation. By bringing these vital lessons to classrooms, we hope to encourage a lifelong respect for and commitment to preserving our natural aquatic ecosystems.

Today’s sessions at Wild Cherry Steiner School are just the beginning of what promises to be a season filled with learning, discovery, and responsible fishing education for students across East Gippsland.