Squid Fishing Melbourne

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Squid Fishing Melbourne

With plenty of squid to catch in Port Phillip Bay, targeting fresh calamari is a popular sport around Melbourne or Victoria. This style of fishing suits all ages and abilities and can occur off your local pier, jetty or in a boat using a standard 2-4 kg rod and a healthy variety of squid jigs. Squid travel in groups, inhabiting shallow weedy areas, reefs and inshore waters where they can be caught during the day and night, particularly around Queenscliff Pier, a Melbourne Squidding hotspot!

When it comes to lures, a standard 3g ‘prawn style’ Squid Jig works best in reflective cloth or white with other colours working better in certain areas or on a specific day so always a good idea to chop and change to funky designs or bright reds and pinks every now and then. This style of fishing is truly unique, with opportunity to cast and retrieve working a slow roll or imitating a wounded prawn with lifts and pauses or simply leaving the rod in a holder kicking back and letting the natural currents do the work for you.

Fishcare encourages sustainable recreational fishing so remember, only take what you need and check your size and bag limits before heading out with your Fishing license. For more information on Fishcare Victoria and the work we do you can visit our website at

Happy Fishing!