A Fantastic Day at Mornington Jetty

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A Fantastic Day at Mornington Jetty

Yesterday, we had another amazing day with six fantastic fishing sessions at Mornington Jetty. Over 60 enthusiastic participants joined us, and most had the thrill of catching a small Snapper, with some even catching a few!

Successful Catch and Release

Using small circle hooks, we caught and successfully released all but one fish—a 31cm pinky Snapper. This particular catch was humanely euthanized, then scaled and cleaned, providing a delicious dinner for one lucky family last night.

Incredible Support from Volunteers

Our incredible volunteers, Alan, Kerry, and Ivan, once again made the day truly special. Their skill, kindness, and patience with our participants allowed me to focus on the finer moments, such as educating about different species and demonstrating ethical preparation of a catch for the dinner table.

Heartfelt Thanks

A huge thank you to Alan, Kerry, Ivan, and all our participants. Your dedication and enthusiasm are the backbone of these successful sessions. I am deeply grateful for your support and commitment.

Looking Forward

We are excited for more successful sessions and look forward to seeing you at our next event. Stay tuned for more updates from Fishcare Victoria!