Litter warriors, ready for action. We are five Deakin students who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science and are extremely passionate about the health of our environment. We seek to inform and educate children in grades 3-6 about the implications litter and debris has on marine organisms, the environment and themselves. We aim to create a fun and interactive educational experience through a range of games and worksheets to promote litter awareness within Port Phillip Bay. We also aim to create a promotional sticker design which may double as a mascot and face for the project which is colourful and captivating to school children and the community. And finally, we seek to influence the community and our fellow university students by creating an informative and educational video on the effects of litter and how to reduce waste. We’re excited and full of many ideas and look forward to supplying a program full of informative information with the help of our clients from Fishcare Victoria.

If you are interested in participating in a placement program and getting meaningful career exposure in our industry, please contact us at

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