Fishcare Victoria Wraps Up Dynamic Fishing Workshops in Altona, Williamstown, and Dandenong North

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Fishcare Victoria Wraps Up Dynamic Fishing Workshops in Altona, Williamstown, and Dandenong North

In a whirlwind of activity and community engagement, Fishcare Victoria recently conducted an intensive series of fishing workshops over two consecutive days in Altona/Williamstown and Dandenong North, reaching over 150 enthusiastic participants.

The first day of events took place in the scenic locales of Altona and Williamstown, where six sessions were seamlessly hosted with the incredible support of Scouts Victoria and the dedicated Parks Victoria Rangers. These workshops focused on introducing community members to the joys of fishing while emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices.

Continuing the momentum, the following day saw another six sessions unfold at the vibrant Discover Dandenong Creek Festival. Here, the workshops were brilliantly supported by a trio of Fishcare Victoria Volunteer superstars: Michael Lovell, Ivan Langerak, and Kerry Hellsten, whose contributions were invaluable. Their expertise and enthusiasm played a pivotal role in the day’s success, making the festival a memorable experience for all attendees.

The workshops across both days not only provided fun and educational experiences but also significantly contributed to raising awareness about responsible fishing practices. With around 50 participants on the first day and more than 100 on the second, many Victorian families are now better equipped to enjoy and respect the delicate aquatic ecosystems.

At Fishcare Victoria, we believe that each educational encounter enriches our community’s connection to the environment. Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers and the collaborative support from local organisations, we’re thrilled to say that the world is just a tiny bit better—thanks to the collective effort of individuals who care deeply about our natural resources.

As we continue to host and support such impactful events, we remain committed to fostering a responsible fishing culture across Victoria, ensuring that our beautiful waterways can be enjoyed by generations to come.