Geelong & Bellarine Update

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Geelong & Bellarine Update

The Geelong and Bellarine group has been busy throughout January. After Fishcare Victoria’s annual Christmas and New Years wind down, the group kicked things off at Montana on the McAlister in West Gippsland. Facilitator Mitch McMaster conducted eight workshops with members of the campground. They looked at the rules and regulations, knot tying, fish handling and of course fishing.

With hot weather, clear water and skies, the fishing was slow. We caught several Carp and Redfin which kept everyone entertained. In the slower periods, we conducted casting practice, discussed rigging, and showed everyone hot to bait a hook. It was a great series of clinics, and we look forward to heading back soon.

Back in Geelong we organised a series of “Come and Try Fishing” days. We had had three days lined up. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather we had to cancel our “Catch a Carp” workshop in St Leonards. That event is normally one of the most anticipated due to the large numbers of fish we catch.

However, we did manage to run our St Helens workshops with three separate groups. The fishing was tough, but the weather was amazing. We only managed a few bites for the three hours that we are there. Nevertheless, it was fantastic to see so many parents and kids engaged and ready to learn about fishing. Catching fish is only a part of it.

Our last “Come and Try Fishing” workshop was held at Barwon Valley Fun Park on the banks of the Barwon River. We hold a few workshops here because of the numbers of fish we often catch, and this was no exception. All of the participants for the day enjoyed turning reels on multiple Carp, Redfin and a few Eels. Although,  not necessarily the most desirable fish, the carp were a great way for the participants to practice they way they fight fish and use the drag on a reel. Our next “Come and Try Fishing” workshops will be held next school holidays.