Kids Fishing Day in Dargo with the Dargo Angling Club

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Kids Fishing Day in Dargo with the Dargo Angling Club

In the charming township of Dargo, nestled in the heart of Victoria, children recently experienced the joys and challenges of fishing at a special event hosted by the Fishcare East Gippsland group. Despite days of rain leading up to the event, the rivers were stable, presenting an exciting opportunity for young anglers.

The day began with eager anticipation as children and their families gathered along the banks of the local rivers. The recent rain had created favourable conditions, but the fish, it seemed, had other plans. Undeterred, the Fishcare East Gippsland team worked to provide an enriching experience, even if the fish proved elusive.

The young participants were introduced to the basics of fishing, covering essential topics such as rules and regulations governing fisheries, casting techniques, and how to rig up a fishing rod. Although the fish weren’t cooperating as much as everyone had hoped, the event was far from a disappointment.

In their efforts to make the day memorable, Fishcare East Gippsland received valuable support from the local Dargo Angling Club. The experienced members of the Angling Club lent a helping hand, offering guidance and sharing their passion for fishing with the young enthusiasts. Their involvement added an extra layer of expertise to the event and demonstrating why angling clubs are such a great thing to be a part of.

Despite the fishing challenges, the children remained enthusiastic and engaged throughout the day. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, excitement, and a genuine appreciation for the great outdoors. The unpredictable nature of fishing served as a valuable lesson, teaching the young anglers resilience and patience.