Marine Pests

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Marine Pests

Marine pests are highly invasive non-native animals and plants that can reproduce quickly and outcompete native species; damaging our unique marine environments.  Victorian temperate waters are home to a variety of unique marine wildlife; infact 85% are found nowhere is in the world. Therefore, taking good care of this ecosystem is extremely important. Use the ‘Clean, Check Dry’ Download Parks Victoria’s ‘Check. Clean. Dry’ handout and stop the spread of marine pests.

Japanese Kelp

Improving hygiene around our waters helps to maintain our unique fishing spots around Port Phillip and Western Port Bay whilst protecting our native species of fish and plants, vital to anglers and the ecosystem.

If you see a marine pest, do not, collect or remove the pest.  It could easily be mistaken for a native species.  Instead, you should contact or call 136 186.

Reported sightings of marine pests made to Parks Victoria should include:

  • Photograph of marine pest, including scale of pest, using a coin or pen
  • Location of sight, GPS coordinates or markings on a map
  • Date and time of sighting
  • Type of sighting, seen from shore, on the seafloor, on an anchor
  • Contact details to follow up further details regarding the sighting