A Successful Sunday Fishing Clinic, Thanks to Lakes Entrance Co-op

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A Successful Sunday Fishing Clinic, Thanks to Lakes Entrance Co-op

This Sunday’s Fishing Clinic was a phenomenal success, and we have the team at Lakes Entrance Co-op to thank for their incredible support. Their generous donation of bait prawns was a game-changer for our event, proving irresistible to all the fish we encountered, but most notably to the Silver Trevally, which seemed to have a particular fondness for them.

The day was filled with excitement and learning, as participants, both young and old, gathered to share their passion for fishing and to hone their skills. The donated bait played a crucial role in the day’s activities, enabling everyone to get the most out of their fishing experience. It’s heartening to see such community spirit and support, highlighting the Co-op’s commitment to local events and activities.

In an unexpected but delightful turn of events, Ian, one of our attendees, decided to take the aquatic adventure a step further. On his way home from the clinic, he picked up some fresh small Balmain Bugs and some prawns, inspired by Mel’s recommendation. True to Mel’s word, the Bugs were nothing short of AMAZING, adding a delicious end to a day full of fishing successes and camaraderie.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Lakes Entrance Co-op for their generosity and support. Their contribution not only enriched our Fishing Clinics but also helped foster a greater appreciation for the joys of fishing and the bounty of the sea among our community members.

As we look forward to more events like this, we’re reminded of the importance of community and the incredible difference that support and collaboration can make. Here’s to many more successful fishing clinics, delicious seafood discoveries, and the ongoing support of our local businesses and community members. Thank you, Lakes Entrance Co-op, for helping make our Sunday Fishing Clinic a resounding success!