East Gippsland Update

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East Gippsland Update

With the current lockdowns and the cancellation of many events throughout this region, the focus again has been to use this time to develop some valuable online resources as online Secondary school resources or as volunteer training to extend the Fishcare volunteers’ knowledge about healthy aquatic environments.

Two Educational PowerPoints have been developed as online science curriculum based resources that secondary school teachers or volunteers can access from the new look Fishcare Victoria Webpage.

  1. Importance of water quality on fish survival.

This PP covers all the essential water quality parameters such as Temperature, Dissolved oxygen, Ph, Phosphorus, Salinity and Turbidity. The PP covers the healthy range of each parameter and how important they are to be within a “healthy range” for fish survival.

2. Importance of freshwater habitats for fish survival.

This PP covers all the key habitat requirements for fish survival. Important topics such as Instream habitat, woody structures, Instream Vegetation, Riparian Vegetation are covered in this PP.

Other valuable PPs have been developed such as “The classification of Living things” and “Marine Pests” and these two additional PPs should see Fishcare Victoria is starting to develop a well-resourced online library of information relevant to fish and their aquatic environments.