Fishcare Geelong/Bellarine Update

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Fishcare Geelong/Bellarine Update

Fishcare Geelong/Bellarine has had a great month conducting school clinics with Whyndam Central College in Werribee and Saint Francis Xavier College in Corio. This marks the start of our school programs for the year as the group continues to gain momentum in the region. We have also under taken volunteer training to get our volunteers ready for the year ahead. The group has been run through all of its operating procedures and will look forward to running these over the next few months. 

This family moved to Melbourne from Nepal and their first time fishing was with Fishcare After a few quick tips they were casting and looking for bites before their ferry departed. When it comes to fishing any amount of time will help you improve your chances of catching a fish and learning a thing or two along the way. 

Facilitator Mitchell McMaster has also been working on his local partnerships and is delighted to be working with the Bellarine Light Game and Sportfishing Club to conduct our Creating Sustainable Anglers program work more closely with their club and develop our community outreach efforts. We are looking forward to supporting them later in the year on the Barwon River to work with Hopetoun College in promoting the message of sustainability and creating environmentally aware anglers. 

Lastly Mitch has been working with Deakin University Students on developing Fishcare Victoria’s volunteer recruitment strategy. This aims to identify gaps in our volunteer base, why our volunteers started and continue to volunteer with us and where we can look for more volunteers and expand. It is exciting times for Fishcare as a whole and especially Fishcare Geelong/Bellarine.