Portsea Camp Partnership

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Portsea Camp Partnership

Within the Port Phillip Bay region, we have been working on further strengthening is our Partnership with The Portsea Camp. The Portsea Camp is a not-for-profit organisation who run five week-long school holiday camps for disadvantaged and rurally isolated children aged between 9 and 16 years, these are our Making A Difference (MAD) camps.

As part of strengthening this ongoing Partnership and help increase our profile, our Port Phillip Facilitator has agreed to annually train, to [Fishcare]’s standards, the full-time Portsea recreation staff as Fishcare Volunteers.

During the school sessions and the MAD camps, Portsea camp staff will wear Fishcare logos in support and advertising Fishcare Victoria. This will increase the interest in school groups throughout the year wanting Fishcare Fishing as an activity while staying at Portsea Camp.

Melissa Bool, Recreation Coordinator at The Portsea Camp said “Jacinta and her team at Fishcare are very professional and always provide our campers with a fun and engaging activity. Their positive and enthusiastic attitude creates a comfortable and welcoming environment for campers and leaders. This is a relationship that has worked well in the past
and I look forward to continuing this partnership into the future.”