Fishcare Victoria seeking a President

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Fishcare Victoria seeking a President

Fishcare Victoria is seeking applications for a new enthusiastic President to lead the committee and drive innovation, good governance and the strategic direction of the organisation. This position (and other executive positions) will be voted in at the upcoming AGM on Monday August 20.

Some of the skills and qualities that Fishcare are looking for in a president include:

• The ability to communicate, listen and seek input from others
• Feel comfortable delegating
• Strong group dynamic skills
• Able to lead the board in handling complex issues
• Understanding of non-profit governance practices and requirements
• Well-developed strategic planning skills
• Community leadership

Act with due care and diligence, in the best interests of the organisation (fiduciary duty)

Work to ensure that:

• The aims and objectives of the organisation are pursued
• The rules of the organisation (it’s Code of Conduct) are followed through the implementation of effective Policies & Procedures
• Adequate supervision of staff is provided within a safe work environment.
• The business of the organisation is conducted honestly, fairly and equitably
• The organisation complies with all laws and any contractual obligations
• The organisation keeps proper financial records and can pay its debts (remain financially solvent)
• Declare any personal interest that might conflict with the interest of the organisation or their ability to fulfil their fiduciary duty (see above)
• Keep informed about the organisation’s business
• Take an active part in the Management Committee’s meetings.
• To facilitate meetings of the organisation.
• Support all staff of the organisation.


1) Attend committee meetings (Quarterly held in Hawthorn)
2) Be punctual and have read minutes, agenda’s and background papers before the Management Committee Meetings.
3) If unable to attend a meeting due to other commitments or circumstances, be responsible to put in their apologies prior to the meeting.
4) Participate in the organisation’s planning and evaluation process.
5) Work as a part of a committed team with other Management Committee members.
6) Sign and maintain the confidentiality policy of the organisation.
7) Keep informed about issues affecting the organisation
8) Ensure there is a quorum present at each Management Committee meeting
9) Ensure there are the right number of Committee Meetings are held within a twelve month period.
10) Ensure that meetings are run in an orderly fashion with all members having a say.
11) Draw up an agenda for the meetings with the assistance of the Secretary and/or Coordinator of the organisation, which will cover all necessary business.
12) Prioritise agenda items and if necessary set time limits.
13) Lead the meetings through the agenda, keeping discussion relevant.
14) Run the meetings so that necessary decisions are made and participants get a fair chance to be heard, in order to successfully strike a balance between quick and efficient decision making on one hand and give adequate opportunity for discussion of issues on the other.
15) Inspire people with vision of what the organisation is capable of achieving and being proactive in addressing the needs of the region.
16) Act as the spokesperson for the organisation (unless an alternative spokesperson has been appointed by the Committee).
17) Encourage other Committee Members to attend meetings.
18) Take responsibility for following up the resolutions from the meetings.
19) Take responsibility for dealing with day to day issues as they arise.
20) The President may delegate any of the above responsibilities to other Committee Members.
21) Adjourn (postpone) or close the meeting as per Constitution.
22) And any other duties that pertain to the effective delivery of services by the organisation that is agreed upon within the Management Committee Meetings.

If you are interested in applying for this volunteer position, please contact the State Coordinator – Sarah Van Stokrom on 0437 672 242 or via email at