Fishcare East Gippsland supporting the Twin Rivers Bream Classic

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Fishcare East Gippsland supporting the Twin Rivers Bream Classic

For over 15 years, Fishcare East Gippsland has supported the Twins Rivers Business and Tourism Association’s “Twin Rivers Bream Classic” one of the region’s biggest fishing competition that is held on the third weekend in July every year.

This fishing competition is held on the Gippsland Lakes and the associated rivers.

Every year, Fishcare East Gippsland conducts two live  Catch and Release stations’’ for this competition. These Catch and Release stations are held beside the Nicholson Jetty and the other on the Tambo River at the Johnsonville Jetty over the two days of competition. These two  Catch and Release stations give anglers who are competing in this event, the opportunity to have their fish weighed in, their weights recorded and then the fish are released back into the rivers in excellent condition.

In the winter months, bream appear to travel up these local rivers and therefore attaches many fishermen to this region to fish. The science appears to support that the bream travel up the rivers to spawn in the winter months and therefore there is a need in fishing competitions held at this time of year to support the Catch and Release effort to assist with the bream populations to remain sustainable.

Fishcare East Gippsland support and encourage such sustainable practices and supporting the Twin Rivers Bream Classic in the Catch and Release of the fish caught, aligns with Fishcare Victoria objectives.

Fishcare East Gippsland congratulate the anglers in this competition for bringing their fish to these two Catch and Release stations to be weighed in and released.

Some of the heaviest bream caught in this year’s Bream Classic were over 1.5 kilos in weight and were released back into the rivers, the majority of fish released were over one kilo.

Also a couple of teams of four had total team weights over 5 kilos and great to see these fish released back into the river to the delight of some small children watching their release.

The majority of the anglers that weighed in at these Catch and Release stations were of the younger sect of anglers and great to see that such practices are becoming commonplace with the younger generation.

A big thank you to the Twin River’s Business and Tourism association for having these Catch and Release stations at each river in their competition and to the Fishcare EG volunteers who braved the early cold conditions over the two days to make this all happen.

Anyone interested in the Fishcare Program, please ring Jenny Allitt on 51520456