Sunset Fishing Magic with 2nd Footscray Scouts at Kerferd Rd Jetty

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Sunset Fishing Magic with 2nd Footscray Scouts at Kerferd Rd Jetty

The 29th of Februarys night’s session at Kerferd Rd Jetty turned into an unforgettable experience for groups from the 2nd Footscray Scouts, thanks to a rare opportunity to fish during the magical sunset hours. The beauty of the setting sun combined with the thrill of fishing created an atmosphere of excitement and wonder for everyone involved.

The evening was a resounding success, yielding an impressive haul of pinky Snapper. Among the catch, a few fortunate fish measured up to legal size, adding to the joy and sense of achievement among the young scouts and their leaders. It was a night that celebrated not just the fun of fishing but also the lessons of patience, perseverance, and environmental stewardship.

The 2nd Footscray Scouts, led by their dedicated leaders, showcased an incredible eagerness to learn and engage in the fishing activity. Their enthusiasm was palpable, with every cast and catch met with cheers and excitement. It was a testament to the positive impact of such community events on young minds, fostering a love for outdoor activities and a deep respect for nature.

None of this would have been possible without the invaluable support of Fishcare Volunteer Phon Vongdara. Phon’s expertise in fishing assistance was instrumental in the evening’s success, ensuring that everyone had the chance to participate and learn. Moreover, Phon’s talent behind the lens captured the beauty and joy of the event through stunning photographs that will forever serve as beautiful reminders of this special evening.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Phon Vongdara and everyone from the 2nd Footscray Scouts for making the session at Kerferd Rd Jetty a fabulous success. The combination of great leadership, awesome kids, and the serene backdrop of a sunset fishing session created memories that will last a lifetime.

As we look forward to future events, we are reminded of the beauty of our local community and the wonders of the natural world around us. Nights like these are a powerful reminder of the joys of coming together to experience the great outdoors, and we are excited to continue fostering these moments of learning, fun, and camaraderie.