We had a glorious summer day on 10th December for our volunteer induction and training day. Two new volunteers, Tom and Natalie as well as Karen our Fishcare Victoria Secretary put through their paces. The day started with a tour of the trailer, where we went through all the resources available to schools and community groups such as our “Get Hooked.. It’s fun to fish” and our Green Guide.

The volunteers had a chance to go through our education program, which consisted of learning about the different fish we come across in Port Phillip Bay, along the Bass Coast, Mornington and Westernport. They proved to already have an extensive knowledge as they guessed most of the species accurately. The ones they didn’t know, they identified in the Victorian Rules and Regulations Guide and measured up the fish. After the challenge of the Carp puzzle – which took longer than the volunteers expected – we went through our rods and a rigging lesson. After successfully rigging up multiple rods, the volunteers were given an informational packet filled with all of our resources, dates for upcoming clinics and brand new Shimano uniforms with the Fishcare logo on it. We are thrilled to add two more volunteers to the Fishcare Melbourne and Mornington group, and provide a refresher for current volunteers!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, fill out our application form on https://fishcare.org.au/fishing-volunteer-work/

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